The Goan Caff, 88 Bartholomew Street, Newbury, West Berkshire , RG14 5EE



Family-run Coffee Shop

We’re a speciality coffee shop in Newbury, providing delicious teas, flavoured coffees and hearty baguettes for hungry people out and about in town. We’re a family-run coffee shop, with a love of fresh, high-quality, delicious food and warm drinks to give people that cosy feeling they live for and leave everyone satisfied. We make sure that everything we produce is something we ourselves would love to eat and drink. Next time you’re nearby, drop into our family-run coffee shop and pick up something delicious!

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What Does Goan Mean?

You might be English, Scottish, Nigerian, Chinese, or any other. We’re Goan. Goa is a tiny emerald on the west coast of India, with its natural scenic beauty, abundant greenery, attractive beaches, historic temples and churches, colourful feasts and festivals and above all warm and hospitable people with rich cultural backgrounds.





Family-run Business

Our name is Rebelo, we are experienced in baking and producing speciality coffees. We pride ourselves on wanting to bring the best, freshly baked baguettes and delicious hot beverages. We use only the richest freshly-ground coffee, made by specialists with an experienced hand.


Why Come To us?


Delicious Food

All our food is fresh and incredibly tasty. It’s ready for you quickly, so you can go about your day. We’re immensely proud of our baguettes, filled with delicious fresh ingredients. 

Never stale, always tasty.



Reasonably Priced

Grabbing a quick breakfast or lunch shouldn’t set you back much. That’s why all the food at our family-run coffee shop is reasonably priced, so everyone can enjoy a rich, warming cup of tea or coffee, or indulge in a freshly-baked baguette.

Go on. Treat yourself!


Quality Ingredients

We always emphasise freshness and quality when it comes to all of our ingredients. Be it the sugar in your coffee or the ingredients in your baguette, everything is fresh, delicious and of the highest quality.

Pop into your local family-run coffee shop and pick up something special today.


Our Food